What I've observed,
I see everyone writing about
their broken heart, about their love,they have lost,
but I'm a different writer,
I haven't found my love yet,
I'm still entangled in my own self that I have never thought about getting in relationship with somebody else.

Sometimes I feel alienated here,
writing about something,
about my own shit than what most people writing about here.
I don't have any girlfriend or a friend that I can say that could be my girl,
I'm alone with my own reflection everywhere, to whom I hated every new dawn,
I know, I know, it's complicated to understand,
it's my life which only I can understand, days are passing, with complications getting even more complicated
and I'm trying to solve this maze,
where everybody is writing about their love life that they have, long stories, some beautiful and some ugly,
some crying, deep within their soul and some still in beginning of their blossom boon,
I'm not anywhere close to i…